Things To Do While Quarantine During Coronavirus

Posted by Elaine Bin on

If you are getting bored during these quarantine days, then play video games with your parents and sister. Video games are a serious sort of people’s entertainment, and that they have entered people’s family life. However, what we all know about the results of video games on family relationships continues to be rare. A study investigated the results of game co-playing among members of the family on family satisfaction and family closeness. In total, 361 parents recruited from Amazon Turk completed online questionnaires. The results showed that the more frequently members of the family play video games together, the higher family satisfaction and family closeness they need. Families with poor family communication benefit more from co-playing than those with effective family communication. Family satisfaction mediated the connection between game co-playing and family closeness. Game features that facilitate family relationships were discovered through open-ended questions. Participants typically enjoyed playing video games with members of the family, and social benefits are the foremost salient in family settings. 

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