Reminder: Wash Your Hands!

Posted by Elaine Bin on

Life has never been this boring. Staying at home 24 hours a day and having to spend most of the time sleeping and browsing the net. Some are working from home, some are just - simply human beings staying safe and sound at home trying not to add to the number of the Covid-19 patients. This has been the most trying time for all of us. We hope everyone is safe and healthy up to this day. Wash your hands always! 

Washing of hands has been the most important routine of our lives today. This is the easiest thing to do to save lives in our present situation. A small action to do but has a great impact on us. Hand washing has been the foundation of one's health during this time of the deadly Corona Virus. Keep safe and healthy by taking your vitamins, drinking plenty of water, and of course, washing your hands all the time. 

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